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Hi, I'm Agnes,
the Job Interview Strategist

I have 16 years of experience in job interview preparation, and have positively impacted many people`s professional life by helping them build confidence, and to present unique and compelling answers to the toughest interview questions - ultimately, to be bulletproof in any job interview situation.

My business degree coupled with large and SME corporate experience makes my coaching very practical and customized.

It is designed to help managers and C-level executives put their best foot forward with hiring decision makers.

What To Expect At Management Level Interviews?

Management level interviews today are a whole lot different than a few years ago.  
They are certainly not just a run-down of your CV or your general interview Q&A session.

Bad recruits can cost companies millions of Rands each year, so it is no surprise that organizations are very meticulous in their hiring when it comes to managers or executives. And so they should be. 

The biggest factor in their decision is the candidate`s ability to deliver results through accumulated experience and expertise. The second element is whether the person is a good fit for the organization. Will their personality, charisma and management style bring change and success? 


In this ultra-competitive environment you can expect management job interview questions to be tougher, to the point, and ruthlessly focusing on:


Do you have the experience, the drive and the skillset to deliver results fast?


How do you see the company, the industry and the market or environment?


Do you have leadership abilities that will drive the organization forward to achieve the desired results?

Job interview coaching Agnes Juhasz

needs job interview coaching?

Great interviewing skills can be learned!

Did you know that most managers and executives, who have been in their current position for several years usually get a bit rusty when it comes to “selling themselves”?

Most of my executive Clients approach me because they have been busy meeting targets, achieving brilliant results in their field, however, when they decided it is time for a new career challenge, or they are contacted by a recruiter with an irresistible offer (one that they cannot leave on the table, because it is just too damn good) they start to worry about the job interview. 

Professional job interview coaching can help you prepare for challenging and competitive management interviews, while maintaining confidence, poise and a winning, authentic attitude. 

It`s a fact: interviewing typically makes most people uncomfortable, but it is a necessity. We have all seen great people lose job offers they could have easily won if they had better interviewing skills. 

And often they lost to better interviewers, not better experts.

Job interview coaching is an interview preparation session designed to focus on the position you are applying for, the industry you are targeting and aligning these requirements to your own professional experience. It is not a one-size fits all type of service as I customize each session to fit your needs and to work on those areas that could potentially weaken your performance. 

This customized interview preparation brings you confidence and the ability to show your skills and how you will add value to a new organization.

The coaching is delivered personally by me, Agnes Juhasz, job interview strategist. 

It is designed to assist you to articulate your accomplishments clearly, showing the interviewer the best YOU,…the manager or executive who:  

  • drives change

  • gets results

  • builds teams

  • has a vision

  • delegates, innovates and motivates

  • identifies with the corporate culture and values

How does professional job interview coaching work?



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Targeted and Efficient

"Agnes identified key areas for improvement. My interview was successful and I was shortlisted to the next round on the spot."

J. vd Merwe

FMCG sales director

Tough, but Works!

"I learned a very different approach on how to prepare for job interviews.
It is tough, but works brilliantly."

Grace M.

NGO - country manager

They Were Impressed!

“... I got very similar questions at and it put me at ease instantly. And my intro: I could tell by their faces that they were impressed!״ 

Eric B.

Senior manager

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